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ATL Agricultural Technology Ltd is a well-established award winning family run business specialising in the research design and manufacturing of milking parlour equipment for the dairy farming industry.  With ATL solutions we can provide complete modular systems or individual parts, view our full range of milking parlours here or select any of our system components below for further information:

Control Systems

Variable Speed Milk Pump Control

Efficient and effective milk pumping and cooling

Variable Speed Vacuum Pump Control  

Make vacuum production more efficient and effective

Milk Meter 

Providing individual and cumulative milk yield

Feeder Controls

Memory feeder control

Plant Washer

Suits different size and types of parlours

Plant Washers

Plant Washing

Available to suit different types and sizes of parlours

Cluster Systems

Cluster Remover Systems 

Automating the removal of milking clusters

Backflush Systems

Automatically clean cluster after each cow is milked

MIlk Meters

Providing individual and cumulative milk yield

Feeding Systems

In Parlour Feeding 

Suitable for abreast, herringbone and rotary parlours

Out of Parlour Feeding

Flexible method fo feeding with concentrates and supplements

Parlour Auto ID

Record and identify animals

Micro M3S

Memory feeder control

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