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Variable Speed Milk Pump Control

Milk Pump Control

Designed to make milk pumping more efficient and milk cooling more effective, the new Variable Speed Milk Pump Control from ATL helps the preservation of the milk quality by eliminating a start and stop process.

Maximising the efficiency of cooling and delivering the milk to the tank the Variable Speed Milk Pump Control is a simple and easy to use control. The control is designed to provide a consistent and efficient transportation of the milk thereby using less energy than standard milk pumps. A programmable system it's versatility provides an excellent method of cooling and extracting the milk for all types and size of milking parlour.



  • The variable speed milk pump control allows for a more efficient pre-cooling of the milk.

  • The milk is able to cool faster due to the constant flow rate through the plate cooler. This reduces the temperature of the milk which is entering the bulk tank.

  • Additionally, this reduces the milk cooling time in the bulk tank, allowing shorter compressor on times, which reduces energy consumption and cooling costs.

  • The slow, gentle and constant flow also preserves the milk quality when compared to the start and stop process of a standard milk pump control.

Download our brochure for full specification and operation details

Variable Speed Milk Pump Control

Variable Speed Vacuum Pump Control

Vacuum Pump Control
Variable Speed Vacuum Pump Control

Designed to make vacuum production more effective and efficient the ATL Variable Speed Vacuum pump control system system controls the vacuum pump(s) speed and air flow to ensure that vacuum is produced when required by the milking parlour. Therefore, effectively reducing energy consumption and electricity costs within the milking parlour.

System Benefits

  • The Variable Speed Vacuum Pump Control allows more efficient production of vacuum as vacuum is produced based upon demand.

  • Vacuum demand will change throughout milking depending upon whether units are being attached, units being removed etc.

  • This reduces energy use and therefore reduces electricity expenditure.

  • Additionally, the system can reduce noise levels and extend the life of the vacuum pump and motor by reducing wear and tear.​


How does it work?

  • System uses digital vacuum sensor to constantly monitor the vacuum level.

  • Digital vacuum sensor either included in ATL Auto Wash Pro automatic plant washer or ATL Remote Vacuum Sensor.

  • System will only increase or decrease the speed of the vacuum pumps if the vacuum level changes.

  • The vacuum level will change based on the demand for vacuum - putting a cluster on an animal increases demand and removing a cluster from an animal decreases demand.

  • Set minimum and maximum vacuum pump speeds to match your vacuum pump specifications.

  • Digital vacuum sensor and invertor drive in separate boxes to maximise flexibility during installation.

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