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Automatic Backflush System

A Powerflush Backflush system which automatically cleans the cluster after each cow is milked.

The system flushes the liner, claw and long milk tube with a water / peracetic acid mix this is then followed by compressed air which provides every cow with a clean cluster and enables cross contamination to be kept at a minimum.

Two compressed air clamp valves, one on the long milk tube and one on the flushing tube, prevent the water / peracetic acid mix contaminating the milk during flushing and milking. By using a higher pressure compressed air the ATL system can provide a more effective flushing action than other systems.


How Does It Operate?

  • Cross contamination is prevented by automatically cleaning the long milk tube, claw and liners after each cow has been milked.

  • Using either an electronic signal or vacuum sensory the cluster is removed by the ACR, which then triggers the system.

  • A water / peracetic acid mix is then introduced into the long milk tube, followed by a blast of compressed air, providing a vigorous flushing action cleaning the long milk tube, claw and liners.

  • The flushing cycle can be set to occur two or three times;

  • A final blast of compressed air removes the last of the water / peracetic acid mix and the cluster is ready to be attached to the next cow

  • As the process is automatic and requires no intervention it means milking time is not extended, there is no change to routine and it does not require a change to the liners. 


What makes the ATL Backflush System Different?

  • The system includes two compressed air clamp valves, the first one is  on the long milk tube and the second on the flushing tube, this prevents the water / peracetic acid mix contaminating the milk during flushing and milking

  • The safety valves also allow a higher pressure compressed air to be used, providing a more effective flushing action than other systems

  • The system includes settings so the cluster can be lowered during and / or post flushing to minimise water spray and give better draining

  • The system is fully programmable via the LCD display allowing the system setup alterations to be made quicker

  • The electronic initiation version can be connected into the shut-off valve signal and therefore ignores manual ACR operations so the flush does not occur unnecessarily

  • The system includes frost purge to remove water from the pipework to prevent freezing issues in cold weather

  • The system includes a master control in the parlour that allows the system to be turned off during milk recording, to choose between 2 or 3 flushes and to flush all points


System Features

  • The Powerflush system is suitable for use with most types of parlour and most manufacturers systems fitted with ACRs or milk meters

  • Electronic initiation as standard

  • Vacuum initiation option means no wiring is required into the ACR control, removing any potential issues with ACR warranty

  • A manual system is also available for parlours without ACRs or milk meters

Kit Includes:

  • Three stage coalescent compressed air filter to provide clean air for flushing;

  • Dosatron for accurate water / peracetic acid mix;

  • Y piece connects flushing tube into long milk tube.

Backflush System
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