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Milking Parlours from ATL Agri

Intro90 Swingover Milking Parlour

ATL provide Swingover and Doubled up milking parlours suitable to meet the demands and efficiency of modern day dairy farming. The Intro Series has been specifically designed for low cost grass based system.  The Swingover parlour allows the user to switch from side to side once a cow has finished milking, the opposing side of cows can be milked, eliminating idle clusters.

The system is customisable on site due to the simple tube and key clamp design, allowing different pit widths and parlour lengths and can also have up to 24 cow standings per side.

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Recent Installations

Milking Parlour Installation
Milking Parlour Installation
Milking Parlour Installation

Herringbone Milking Parlours

A high quality engineered and manufactured milking parlour designed to meet your dairy needs.  Whether your requirements are for a basic parlour or you are looking for complete automation, this ATL designed parlour provides you with excellent quality, which is competitively priced and guaranteed to last.

Available in both Swingover and Double up, the ATL HD50 Herringbone milking parlours are designed using 60mm galvanised steel the stallwork therefore, guaranteed to withstand the rigours of milking cows for many years.  The high capacity milk and vacuum lines provide efficient milk transport and stable vacuum levels meeting the required ISO standards.

Key Features


  • High level, 50 degree cow standing, 760mm centred herringbone milking parlour provides an unobstructed view of the cow, with optimal udder presentation and access through the rear legs

  • Free standing, cow friendly stalling design ensures excellent cow position and optimal operator working space

  • Factory fitted central box carries all wiring, reducing install time, all equipment can be pre-checked and the steel cover keeps the equipment cleaner

  • Easy installation with bolt together, heavy duty hot dipped galvanised steel frame

  • Compressed air entry and exit gates – gates are controlled by electronic control units at optimal locations in the pit

  • Wide entry and exit gates provide fast cow flow and quick side changeover

  • Cows relaxed and ready for milking!

Herringbone Milking Parlour Installations

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