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ATL Micro Milk Meter

The Micro Milk Meter is a simple and accurate, non-approved milk meter. It can be used stand-alone or integrated into the ATL system. Versions are available for cows, sheep and goats.


The system has an easy to use control panel with built-in ACR connection as standard, along with a swing-to-start or lift-to-start option. The system is easy to install using the plug and play wiring kit.


The meter fully integrates into the ATL system and Cowculator PC dairy animal software, allowing milk yields to be stored for multiple lactations in addition to being for management purposes, and feeding to yield.

Milk Meters
ATL Milk Meters
Milk Meter Installation
Milk Meter System

System Features:


  • A stand-alone system providing individual animal milk yield during milking and cumulative total for parlour only

  • Fully integrated into ATL system and Cowculator PC software providing individual animal and milking totals for multiple lactations and milkings

  • Milk meter lockout asks you to decide how to milk antibiotic or mastitis animals

  • Optional extra switch for swing over parlours automatically changes side, animal number and drops the cluster ready for attachment when attached to an ATL Micro control

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Integrated System Features:


  • Animal numberCurrent milk yield

  • Health attentions - AI, vet, mastitis, slow, bulling, test and dry

  • Previous milk yieldLactation number

  • Feed ration


Control Panel Features:


  • User friendly and easy to use

  • Minimum of key presses to operate the milk meter

  • Clear, large character LCD display is easy to read from a distance and under most artificial lighting conditions

  • Simple, 6 button keypad

  • Easy to setup and calibrate


ACR Features:


  • Supplied with ATL ACR or links to most existing ACRs

  • ACR settings fully adjustable

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