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Your global partner for Hoof health


Market Leader in Hoof Health


The Hoofcount footbath was developed and designed with simplicity in mind, as the market leader in 
effective and reliable foot bathing, helping prevent diseases, foot baths help stop treated infections from becoming active again and prevents new cases in healthy animals.


Variety of Sizes
There are 2 main sizes of Hoofcount bath, designed to ensuring that every cow dips every hoof twice every time they step through the bath. We offer a bespoke service to customers, and this is particularly helpful on robot systems where space might be a high consideration. There are very few moving parts to the footbath and once the bath is installed correctly, should work without too much problem.


Full marine grade, folded stainless steel 
construction to prevent chemical damage
Each bath is fitted with hard wearing rubber 
flooring to maximise cow comfort.
Fully automatic with manual over-ride facility
2 chemical pumps as standard for alternative
No electric pumps or unnecessary moving parts,
reducing maintenance/servicing costs
Using a separate valve for flush and fill, 
the bath empties
Cleans and refills within 3 minutes.



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