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A dairy animal management program the ATL Cowculator 2010 is a simple and flexible system designed to help you improve your milking performance.

The system allows you to collect and analyse data from each animal in your herd ensuring you have the most up to date information and therefore enabling you to make the best decisions for your herd.  It's key features include:

  • Complete animal milking and feeding records

  • Stores historical data on each animal allowing you to monitor lactation performance

  • Innovative Cow Calendar so you can easily check each animals position in the lacation cycle

  • Easily highlights cows which are not performing

The Cowculator management system focuses on 4 key areas including:


  • Three simple ration calculations including feeding to yield - feeding based upon milk yields - and ration curve - feeding based upon days in milk

  • Applied on an individual or group basis and split between parlour and out of parlour feeders

  • Yesterdays milk yield, average daily milk yield or the predicted daily yield used in calculations

  • Four stage feeding process - steaming up, lead feeding, ration feeding and drying off


Dairy management program

COWCULATOR Dairy Managment Program

  • Sort cows every milking, once only or by date

  • Automatic uploading, downloading and ration calculations at scheduled times each day

  • Design custom reports using the easy to use report designer

  • Automatically informs the user when updates to Cowculator are available if the computer is connected to the internet

  • Exports data to Uniform and Sum-it software

  • Store milk yields for animal's entire lifetime

  • Graphical data available on yearly, monthly and daily milking totals

  • Predicted daily yields highlight any milk yield deviations and possible health issues

Animal Health 

  • Individual animal records allow simple and effective logging of health issues

  • Attentions such as high cell count, mastitis, low yields and foot attention

  • Full history of medicine use can be logged against each animal

  • Printable animal health and medicine reports available

Out of Parlour Feeding

  • Graphical display of eaten and uneaten feed

  • Attentions for uneaten feed per 24 hours and user selectable number of days

  • Attention for high number of visits

  • Daily feed history

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