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Cotswold Water Treatment Products

Cotswold can supply dairy farm water treatment products, for use on either mains or private water supplies.  Our range of product includes:


ESP1 Electronic Lime Scale Reducer


  • Treats up to 35 litres water per minute

  • No maintenance costs and electricity costs of approx €5 per year (at current rates)

  • Easy to install, simply screw unit to wall, wind the aerial wires round the pipe, as per the instructions and plug in to a 13 amp socket

  • Suitable for all types of water pipe, except lead



ESP2 Electronic Lime Scale Reducer (high capacity)


As for ESP1 but with the following differences:

  • More powerful unit, will treat up to 250 litres water per minute.

  • Aerial wires can be used doubled up on a single pipe, or attached to two independent circuits.

  • Variable control to alter the frequency/intensity of the scan.

  • No maintenance, around £5 per year electricity costs.


Silphos, Polyphosphate In Line Scale Reducer


  • Polyphosphate salts suspend lime scale in water reducing precipitation on to elements and equipment.

  • Comes complete with first charge of polyphosphate crystals.

  • Replacement cartridges are available from Cotswold and will normally need to be changed every 6 to 12 months.

The above products are a cost effective way of reducing the detrimental effects of lime scale on dairy water heaters and equipment, however in certain cases of permanent water hardness, found in some bore hole supplies, a proprietary salt water softening system may be the only answer.


In Line Water Filter/ Strainer


  • Simple filter with robust nylon housing and stainless steel filter screen.

  • Easily accessible, for cleaning.

  • Available in ¾ " or 1" female BSP.



Activated Carbon In line Water Filter


  • Ideal for private water supplies.

  • Can be used alone or in tandem with the above.

  • Removes chlorine and other unpleasant odours from water.

  • Removes atrazine, mercury, zinc, solvents and oils.

  • Removes many bacteria.

  • Replaceable cartridge (available from Cotswold)


Product Details


Water Treatment Products


Part Number Part Description

ESP1 Electronic scale reducer (treats up to 35 litres/min)

ESP2 Electronic scale reducer (high capacity, treats up to 250 litres/ min)

WH21 Polyphos in line scale reducer

WH21A Activated carbon in line water filter

WH19 Filter/strainer in line ¾" BSPWH19A Filter/strainer in line 1" BSP

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