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Cotswold Coil Heat Exchanger


The Cotswold coil heat exchanger is, essentially, a dairy water heater, without control box and element but instead incorporates one or two seamless 22mm stainless steel coils, depending on size and customer requirements.


The coil heat exchanger is available in sizes from 40 to 240 gallons. The unit can recover heat from refrigeration units, heat pumps or solar panels, giving water temperatures of 45°C or more depending on the situation. This water can then be transferred into a standard water heater to be boosted to the correct temperature for plant or bulk tank washing, providing you with an efficient water heating solution.

Transfer can be by gravity, utilising a timer controlled solenoid valve, or alternatively where the main water heater is at the same level, or higher than the heat exchanger, by a timer controlled water pump.  These units provide considerable savings on electricity costs, by utilising otherwise wasted heat on the farm.  The main body of the Cotswold coil heat exchanger is similar to a standard water heater, providing a very cost effective option when compared to other dairy water heating solutions on the market. 



Product Details


Available in sizes from 40 gallons(135 litres) to 240 gallons(1080 litres)


Part Number Part Description


HS40 40 gallons/180 litres, 24" x 24" x 36"/610mm x 610mm x 915mm

HS50 50 gallons/225 litres, 24" x 24" x 42"/610mm x 610mm x 1067mm

HS60 60 gallons/270 litres, 24" x 24" x48"/610mm x 610mm x 1220mm

HS70 70 gallons/315 litres, 27" x 27" x 43"/686mm x 686mm x 1093mm

HS80 80 gallons/360 litres, 27" x 27" x 48"/686mm x 686mm x 1220mm

HS100 100 gallons/450 litres, 32" x 32" x 45"/813mm x 813mm x 1143mm

HS120 120 gallons/540 litres, 32'' x 32'' x 50''/813mm x 813mm x1270mm

HS135 135 gallons/610 litres, 37'' x 37'' x 50''/940mm x 940mm x 1270mm

HS150 150 gallons/675 litres, 38'' x 38'' x 50''/966mm x 966mm x 1270mm

HS200 200 gallons/900 litres, 47'' x 40'' x 50/1194mm x 1016mm x 1270mm

HS240 240 gallons/1080 litres, 56'' x 40'' x 50''/1423mm x 1016mm x 1270mm


Cotswold produces an extensive range of efficient water heating solutions, specifically designed for use in farm dairies. Our dairy water heaters can be relied upon to provide a long service and include a guarantee against corrosion.


The inner tank is square, ensuring maximum capacity in minimum space; they are also available with side mounted header tank instead of float switch and solenoid fill, at no extra cost. Cotswold is also happy to discuss the manufacture of non-standard sizes to fit our customer's exact requirements.

Cotswold water heaters can be supplied with a variable level stainless steel float switch enabling you to easily adjust the amount of water to be heated.


In addition our heaters provide you with Massive Savings in Electricity Costs

  • Equipped to heat up during the "off-peak" period, saving up to 75% of electricity costs.

  • Very high quality Insulation for maximum economy,

  • A digital controller, incorporating dual time clocks, to control heating and filling and to maximise electricity savings by heating during economy 7 periods.

Product Features


  • Stainless Steel Outer Cabinet

  • Stainless Steel Water Tank

  • Dual outlets on 70 gallon and larger, allowing two washes between re-heat cycles1¼" BSP outlets, 1½" on 200 gallon and larger

  • Stainless Steel Fittings

  • Stainless Steel Immersion heater element

  • Unique Cotswold stainless steel float switch

Essential Information for Water Heater Installation


Cotswold Water Heaters are fitted with mounting bars but due to their weight when filled, support from underneath is also necessary. Load bearing stands for all models are available from Cotswold. When heaters are installed in a loft, please ensure that adequate support for a fully filled tank is provided.


Our dairy water heaters normally empty under gravity, therefore the water outlets should be above the water trough unless it is intended to empty the water heater using the plant vacuum or a pump.  In hard water areas, it is essential that a scale preventer and a water strainer are fitted. These help prevent scale forming inside the water solenoid valve and around the heater element. The cost of these inexpensive devices will soon be recovered from reduced electricity and repair charges.


Claims under warranty for damage or failure caused by hard water and/or installation of the equipment to an unsuitable water pressure will not be accepted unless the user has taken sensible precautions. If you are in doubt please speak to us.  The cold water inlet is controlled by an electrically operated solenoid valve suitable for water pressures up to 150 PSI, (10 bar). Above this, please ask at the time of ordering and we will supply a water heater with an alternative valve suitable for the pressure specified.

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