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Calf Rearing Products from Milkflo

Milkflo Calf Rearing products have a long reputation in supplying quality products to farmers all over Ireland.


We have a commitment to lead the way in modern farming technology and, more importantly, we supply products that last.


Our products are made from high impact, durable and long lasting materials and include


  • Peach Teat Nursing Bottles

  • Bottles and Feeders

  • Flat Bottom Feeders

  • Compartment and Mobile Units

  • Lamb Feeding Products

Screw-in Peach Teats

Peach Teat Nursing Bottles Features


  • Soft flexible rubber

  • Closely resembles a cows’ teat

  • Easily installed/removed

  • Leak ResistantCan be milked by milking machine

  • Can be flushed through for easy cleaning

Bottles & Feeders

Bottles and Feeders Products include:


  • Nursing Bottle

  • Single Station Feeder

  • 2/3 Station Feeder

Lamb Feeding Products

Lamb Feeding products include:


  • Lamb nursing Bottle

  • 2/3 station Lamb Feeding Bucket

  • Cap & Teat for Lamb Feeder

  • Lamb Cap and Teat for Coke Bottle

  • Lamb Teat

Flat Bottom Feeders

Flat Bottom Feeders


  • Available with 5, 6, 10, 12, 13, stations

  • Screw-in-Peach Teats

  • Galvanised brackets for gate or fence mounting

  • 20 station Circular Feeder free standing in galvanised frame

Compartment Calf Feeders

Compartment and Mobile Units


  • Wide variety of sizes available for gate or fence mounting

  • 20, 40 and 50 mobile station units also available

  • All available with screw-in peach teats

  • Thoroughly test and proven to effectively feed calves from first day through to feeding

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