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Combine leading heat
detection accuracies with
automatic drafting for reliable
and efficient sorting

For further efficiencies you can now integrate HerdInsights with ATL Drafting system, HerdInsights alerts the Drafting computer and cows are automatically drafted check out Ciaran Kavanagh story here....

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Save on time, labour and
achieve a more efficient
breeding system

Access to your herd Anywhere, Anytime

What are the benefits of an animal health monitoring system?

Reduced Health Care Costs - Allows for early illness detection, early intervention and monitoring the effectivness of treatment

Increase 6 Week In Calf Rate - Achieve 6 week in calf rates of up to 83%

Heifer Monitoring through Remote Gateways - Enabling monitoring of heifers off farm

Improve Efficiency of Farm Breeding Programs - Achieving heat detection rates of up to 97%

Identify Metabolic Issues Pre-Breeding - Identifying cycstic and non-cycling cows

Third Party Integration - HerdInsights can now integrate with most drafting gate systems.  Cows for AI/bulling or those with health issues can be automatically separated into designated holding areas and treated as required.

Reduce Labour Unit and Time - Reduce the time and labour involved in manual heat detection tools in addition to the time spent observing cows for heat events

97% Heat Detection rates from HerdInsights

HerdInsights is the most advance heat detection and animal health monitoring system available in the market today


HerdInsights uses a multi-metric analysis on each individual cows behaviour enabling farmers to gain heat detection rates of up to 97%


In addition to heat detection HerdInsights also provides an insight into an individual cows health status, allowing for intervention at sub clinical stage.  This allows for early detection of health problems such as ketosis, mastitis, punemonia, lyptosperosis etc.

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