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At CollinsAgri Diary Solutions, our mission is to provide the best dairy solutions to Irish farmers. We understand the challenges that farmers face, and we strive to create solutions that make their lives easier. We offer a variety of services to help farmers increase their production, reduce costs, and improve efficiency.

Our team of professionals are committed to providing custom solutions that are tailored to every farmer’s individual needs. We strive to offer the best possible products and services to ensure that our customers have the best dairy solutions.

Please contact us 087 6932211 or email us to discuss the best solution to meet your diary needs.


Want to improve milk quality and reduce time cleaning clusters?



The milking cluster is a known reservoir of bacteria responsible for mastitis being passed from cow to cow during milking.


During a typical milking routine dirty and contaminated clusters are often attached to clean sanitized teats.


Sanitizing clusters between cows is a recognized method of reducing the transfer of contagious mastitis from cow to cow during milking.


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